Immediate Past President


Tim Sosin, M.A. NCC, Resident in Counseling

Immediate Past President, 2019-2020

Tim Sosin is the current VA-ASERVIC president.  He graduated from Liberty University with a Masters of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program in 2016 an is working towards LPC licensure. Tim currently works as a counselor within the Horizon community service board in Lynchburg. He works with a diverse clientele and specializes in treating trauma. Tim also teaches online at Liberty University, and he enjoys also providing premarital and relationship counseling to couples with his wife Hannah. They have been enjoying married life since August 2014.

Tim previously served as Lobbyist for the Lynchburg Area Counselor Association (LACA). During his grad program,  Tim held the office of Secretary of the Rho Eta chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, and also enjoyed working as a graduate assistant in the Department of Counselor Education and Family Studies, working with students to learn core counseling techniques and basics of group therapy. Tim’s clinical background has involved crisis stabilization and mental health skill building within the Lynchburg community as well as small-scale private practice and day treatment. He also lived in Central Norway for two years during his undergrad, studying psychology, anthropology and religious studies.

Tim has had the opportunity to travel often and gain experience through building relationships with individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Each day, he seeks to deepen his own spiritual values and beliefs, while also providing an open door for others to do the same through intentional conversations. Tim has seen the importance of these spiritual values within his work as a Narrative therapist.  During his presidency, Tim looks forward to inviting others to also take part in creating a culture of spiritual competence marked by servant-leadership, intentional research and relationships, and mutual uplifting of his division members. He hopes to gain insight into how he can honor and serve the members of the chapter, enabling them to practice wisely and with competence on biological, psychological, social, and spiritual levels.

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