Cassandra Riedy

Secretary, 2020-2021

Born and raised in Virginia, Cassandra is a third year doctoral student at George Washington University where she also serves as a research assistant. Specifically, her research includes the ethical ramifications of health disparities experienced by those with minority status.

Cassandra’s clinical work includes serving women struggling with opioid use disorder at a Christian non-profit as well as managing a residence for gentlemen diagnosed with schizophrenia. She has published on diverse topics, including generational diversity in counseling, the impact of intersectionality on relative risk of violence, and narrative therapy.

She is thrilled to be able to apply her first master’s degree in “Ethics, Theology, and Culture” from the University of Virginia in service of VA-ASERVIC. Her master’s thesis focused on humanizing medical treatments in palliative care from the perspective of multiple faiths.

She currently resides in Northern Virginia and spends free time playing with her toddler, Finn..