Upcoming Events

2020 VCA Convention

You Matter! Planting Seeds of Growth!

November 12-14, 2020 | Virtual using WHOVA app

Register for the online convention.

Contact the VCA Convention Chair, Krystee Trumbo, with any questions.

Training Opportunities

We are currently considering training recommendations. Please contact us with spiritual, religious, and ethical content that you are interested in learning more about.

  • World Religions Educational Series

          Upcoming – A friendly chat with leaders from various world religions seeking to provide an opportunity for counseling professionals to understand client’s worldviews, no matter their religion or spiritual backgrounds.  Series will showcase ideas from one religion/spiritual practice per month in podcast and blog post format. VA-ASERVIC hopes to provide counseling professionals with general knowledge to help increase confidence in counseling those who believe differently than themselves. 

  • Research Opportunities

          Upcoming – Do you have an interest in research and furthering the aim of the VA-ASERVIC division? Contact our board for more information. 




  • 2020 Fall Webinar

          Upcoming – Dates to be decided; the VA-ASERVIC board has obtained NBCC credits and will update with more information

  • Past Webinars

          To be available for VA-ASERVIC members soon. 



Keep your eyes out for upcoming events, training opportunities and webinars!