ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Eight

This week, consistency is king. Because you're following Competency Seven, as a helping professional, you're having conversations with your client about their understanding of their spirituality, religion, and values. As with the counseling art as a whole, when speaking with your client, you are to use the language that the client uses.

models of spiritual and religious development

ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Six

This week's ASERVIC competency, Competency Six, focuses on the academic nature of counselor proficiency in spirituality and religion. Counseling professionals are expected to be familiar with and utilize the various models of spiritual and religious development, and be able to integrate these models with the development of the individual.

ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Two

"The professional counselor recognizes that the client’s beliefs (or absence of beliefs) about spirituality and/or religion are central to his or her worldview and can influence psychosocial functioning." For more information on the ASERVIC Spiritual Competencies, visit the ASERVIC Website. Visit these websites for more information on the American Counseling Association or the Virginia Counselor's … Continue reading ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Two