ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency 11

This week, we focus on ASERVIC Competency 11: diagnostic planning. Throughout the past ten competencies, we've discussed how a client's spirituality, religion, and ethical values can affect the counseling process, specifically in all areas, from intake to termination. One of the more controversial parts of the counseling process - diagnosis - is no different.


ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Ten

This week, we focus in on ASERVIC Competency Ten - the first of the fourteen competencies to review the intake process. Until now, all previous nine competencies have covered the general relationship between the client and clinician throughout the counseling process. This competency covers specifically the clinician's goals before the first session, and during the initial intake session.

ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Two

"The professional counselor recognizes that the client’s beliefs (or absence of beliefs) about spirituality and/or religion are central to his or her worldview and can influence psychosocial functioning." For more information on the ASERVIC Spiritual Competencies, visit the ASERVIC Website. Visit these websites for more information on the American Counseling Association or the Virginia Counselor's … Continue reading ASERVIC Competencies Series: Competency Two